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The Evolving Framework of Orthopedic Care

Dear CSS Colleagues:

Enclosed is a message from Moby Parsons, MD as well as some links he offers that should be of interest to all.

The last link is entitled, “Doctors are selling out and why you should be worried.” This podcast is particularly cogent to current times. As we may all be aware, independent practice may soon be extinct. The pandemic has accelerated practice acquisitions by large healthcare organizations, PE and VC firms. The consequence is a short-term gain for physicians but an enduring change in the paradigm of orthopedic care delivery. In some instances, Brand Identity of a large organization becomes the driving force of patient’s access to care rather than the quality of individual physicians. In other cases, even the physicians become captured into a network. In all cases, healthcare becomes progressively a business about revenue and profit and less a calling which emphasizes the patient first. Perhaps you disagree, but that is the point. Moby has posted quite a bit on this trend. We all welcome your input.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner, MD

Founder, The CSS

The following podcasts are very educational and speak to some key topics that I think every physician should understand.

1. The perverse incentives built into the current insurance system

2. The corrupt manner by which current legislation enables and perpetuates the current cartel-like nature of consolidated health systems and insurance carriers

3. The growing market for direct and fixed price/cash pay care

The members of CSS might enjoy these excellent discussions and certainly you have a great platform to spread this important information.



1. Make Sure Your Health Insurance Broker is Working for You and not the Insurance Company with David Contorno.

2. Direct Contracting Has Fixed US Health Care with Ron Barshop

3. Surgery without Insurance with Dr. Keith Smith


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