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The Codman Shoulder Society

We are a group of like-minded individuals who share an educational experience and want to stay engaged in advancements in shoulder care. This will benefit our patients and contribute to our knowledge, leading to improved care.

This includes all former Boston Shoulder Institute Fellows (formerly known as Harvard Shoulder Service Fellows), all MGH Sports Medicine Fellows who have worked with Dr. Warner, and all of UPMC Sports Medicine and Shoulder Fellows who have worked with Dr. Warner. In addition, we will include all international fellows who have worked with Dr. Warner for over six months.

We believe in this principle.

Codman believed in "The End Result" and the value of the patient's outcome as the most important measure of shoulder care. This is the equivalent of value-based shoulder care now.

Codman said, "Give me something that is different, for there is a chance of it being better." This is a commitment to always ask questions about the status quo of treatment and look for something better for our patients.

We believe in the opportunities.

This group offers the opportunity to meet once a year and discuss important shoulder care issues, ask questions, and then offer those interested in working together the opportunity to answer them.

There is an opportunity to facilitate multi-center studies, registries, and projects.

With over one hundred members, there is an opportunity to support and advance the careers of all former fellows through combined academic productivity.

Dr. Jon JP Warner


The Codman Shoulder Society (CSS) was founded by Dr. Jon JP Warner in 2014. Through meticulous measurement of his outcomes in order to provide the best evidence-based care and value for his patients, Dr. Warner's beliefs align closely those of with Dr. Codman's, leading to the society's namesake. Overall, Dr. Warner has mentored over 175 fellows, students, and peers. His commitment to CSS has fostered a collaborative environment for members to make impactful changes to orthopedics and beyond.

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