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Rotator Cuff

13-year-old Subscapularis Avulsion

February 11, 2020

13 year old male that fell on his left shoulder Fall of 2018 (1.5 years prior to presentation) playing football. MRI showed two exostoses. Patient complains of continued pain mostly while playing or with external rotation. What are his options?

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Massive Supraspinatus Tear and Infraspintus Retraction Following Latissimus Dorsi Transfer

September 19, 2018

Patient presents with upper back spasms and reduced sensation over the posterior and lateral shoulder following arthroscopic-assisted latissimus dorsi transfer and partial rotator cuff repair in 2016. Patient is experiencing pain and dysfunction, and there is a concern for entrapment of the posterior branch of the axillary nerve. What are his treatment options?

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Chronic Supraspinatus Tear: What to Do?

July 30, 2018

Healthy patient presents with minimal arthritis and pseudoparalysis from a chronic supraspinatus tear after losing proximal biceps support. What are her options?

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Superior Capsular Reconstruction

March 15, 2018

Superior Capsular Reconstruction: Hope or Hype? CSS Members discuss their experiences. 

SCR Responses

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