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The Codman Shoulder Society will now use Slack as our primary form of communication. Slack is an easy-to-use, forum-based chat room that will better promote a think tank to advance the innovative goals of this society. 

Accessing the SLACK Page:

To gain access to the SLACK page, please click on this link, which will prompt you to create a SLACK account.

Simply follow the instructions prompted by the program to register yourself for a free SLACK account, and then download the SLACK application to your Mac ( or PC ( computer. You can also go to your smartphone’s app store to download the SLACK app directly to your mobile phone.

If you do not wish to download the SLACK app, go to will bring you to the sign in page for the SLACK website. Once there, you will be prompted to enter your "workspace URL" into a box. Type in codmanshouldersociety (without spaces or hyphens) into the box and press enter. You will then be taken to our SLACK homepage. 

Navigation through the SLACK Page:

Once you have registered, you will notice that the CSS SLACK page is organized in a manner that allows for simultaneous, controlled discussion of multiple topics. The page is organized into channels, each with a different topic and space for discussion. A breakdown of the channels can be found here:

  1. #css-meeting: This channel can be used for questions or comments pertaining to the Codman Shoulder Society Meeting. This is a great place to keep the conversation going following the conclusion of the yearly meeting.

  2. #arthroplasty-cases: This channel can be used by all members to post complex patient arthroplasty cases to elicit suggestions and responses from the group. For ease of reference, separate channels exist for fracture, instability, rotator cuff, and “other” cases!

  3. #warners-corner: This channel will be devoted to postings from my healthcare blog, Warner’s Corner ( We can now participate in active conversations about these topics through the chat room.

In addition, below the “Channels” section, you will notice an option for direct messaging, allowing for internal networking within the Codman group with any registered member.

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