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9th Annual Codman Shoulder Society Meeting 2024

May 8, 2024
7:30 - 9:30 PM EDT

Past Meetings

The Codman Shoulder Society Meetings are held every year at the San Diego Shoulder Institute
CSS 2023 Group Photo.jpg
Session I: Innovators, Entrepreneurs, Behaviors and Culture
Session II: : The Avant-garde Health/CSS VBHC Research Group Update
Session III: Leadership and Career Development

8th Meeting

Session I: The Current and Future Applications of AI to Shoulder/Orthopedic Surgery
Session II: The Current and Future Applications of Immersive VR, AR/MR (and Consideration of Robotics) to Shoulder and Orthopedic Surgery
Session III: The Current and Future Application of Digital Management of Patient Recovery After Surgery
7th Meeting

CSS 2019 picture.jpg

6th Meeting

Session I: Measuring to Improve Outcomes and Care
Session II: Research Forum- Open Discussion of Ongoing Projects and Future Ideas for Multicenter Collaboration


5th Meeting

Session I: The Rotator Cuff
Session II: Shoulder Arthroplasty
Session III: Working Dinner Discussion - Our First Multicenter Study


4th Meeting

Session I: Shoulder Arthroplasty
Session II: Infection After Arthroplasty - How Can We Do Better?
Session III: Working Dinner - Future Directions


3rd Meeting

Session I: Evidence & Value - Can We Align These? Should We Try?
Session II: How Can We Improve Value/Outcomes in Shoulder Arthroplasty?
Session III: Instability - Bone Loss... The Big Question: Treatment?
Session IV: Business/Planning/Future Considerations


2nd Meeting

Session I: Innovating in Shoulder Care
Session II: Practice Issues and Healthcare Reform
Session III: Dilemma #1 - How Do I Treat the "Young Patient" with a Massive RCT?
Session IV: Dilemma #2 - How Do I Treat the "Young Patient" with Shoulder Arthritis?
Session V: What Do We Want CSS to Be?


1st Meeting

Session I: Shoulder Arthroplasty
Keynote Speaker: James Esch "30 Years of Shoulder Education - Where we have been and where we are going?"
Session II: Rotator Cuff Disease and Instability
Session III: Future Challenges in Shoulder Care
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