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Request for Program Committee for 5th Annual Meeting and Ad Hoc BOD for CSS

Dear Codman Shoulder Society Members:

I am writing on two accounts:

First, I anticipate a great meeting this June as Gilles Walch and Christian Gerber will be our honored visitors and Provocateaurs. I like to ask for volunteers to a program committee who will help me formulate the best program for our group. My sense is we should use their expertise to help is with understanding what we still don’t know about rotator cuff tears and their treatment and also arthritis. I am also interested in their approaches to Innovation from a scientific and commercial point of view. After all, no innovation is successful unless it generates a profit so interaction with industry is an essential ingredient. Please write to me if you wish to participate as I’d like to have a preliminary program in place in the next month so I can clarify for all participants.

Second, I want to move forward with formally making us a NFP organization. This will ensure our commitment and also our relevance. I believe we fit well into all the other society-specific initiatives and AAOS initiatives. We are not simply an educational group. We will need to define our Mission, Vision, and Strategy. A few ideas I have are as follows:

  • Complex case registry to help all with decision-making in absence of Evidence.

  • Question registry for answers needed in Evidence.

  • Partnership with others to achieve our stated goals: MYORTHOEVIDENCE.COM

  • Consensus/Lack of Consensus statements

  • Meeting annually to address all of above

  • Multicenter-study coordination

I’d like volunteers who wish to be part of an Ad Hoc BOD to move this forward. So far Mike Freehill has volunteered. I welcome anyone with a business experience or other unique perspective to help with this. Once we clarify who and what we want to be we can formalize this with the appropriate legal representation and creation of a real BOD. As I indicated, I’ve already spoken with Mohit Bhandari, David Shahian (Co-Director of the Codman Center for Surgical Outcomes at MGH) and Michael Porter at HBS.

Thank you all for considering this.

Kind Regards,

Jon JP Warner, MD

Chief, MGH Shoulder Service

Boston Shoulder Institute

Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society

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