Three Lessons From Steve Jobs

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

As I prepare to return to my final session at Harvard Business School, I read my final assignment today. This was Steve Jobs commencement address which he gave to Stanford University shortly before his death. He offered “three lessons of life”, which I share with you here.

I asked a number of you to participate in an HBS exercise called “Reflected Best Self Exercise” which is a program from Univ. of Michigan that asks for people to remember and comment on examples about me and my effect on them over past years. Those who participated thank you for this gift. It gave me clarity for what I already knew was the purpose of my life. This seems to fit with Steve Jobs philosophy as well, and all would be lucky to achieve this. If you find something you love, you never work. My love is influencing people’s lives in an impactful way. Some might call that Mentorship, but I’d just call it helpfulness and friendship. Anyway there is so much talent that needs just a little nudge to get to the next level. Voltaire said “Every man is guilty of all the good he did not do.” Hopefully The Codman Shoulder Society will allow us to share in doing some real good for our patients and other stakeholders in Healthcare as well as continue to help each of us individually.

Best Regards,

“JP” Warner, MD

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