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Wisdom from James B.

Wisdom from James B.

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

I recently attended Harvard Business School and while the Professors were exceptional and inspiring I got at least as much inspiration and insight from my peers. James was one of my living group colleagues who often offered insight from the perspective of a former Navy pilot. I share this with you today. As James is a man of few words, this is short, but very deep. Consider how it might affect your day-to-day activities.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

Wisdom from James B.

Approach to daily function and to problems you will confront:

  1. Strategy: We do this (plan) more when we get older and if we’re smart we delegate.

  2. Execution: We tend to do this ourselves (without help) and often without the best strategy. We often fail to delegate this as well.

  3. People: What are they not saying out loud when you meet with them? It is good to have trustworthy advisors who can tell you what others are really thinking

  4. Relationships: This is how things ultimately get done.

- James Borghardt

USN, Dept. of Naval Research

Graduate, PLD Program at Harvard Business School (2019)

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