[Christian Gerber] "The Borderline Between RC Reconstruction and RTSA" on VuMedi

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It remains a point of controversy how to treat massive rotator cuff tears and what is truly “irreparable.” We have many approaches on the menu and many are driven as much by “Eminence” (I’m an expert, so you can believe what I say) as “Evidence” (levels of evidence, do of course vary). Enclosed is a lecture which Christian Gerber gave at his Balgrist Shoulder Course this past year. It is a thoughtful algorithmic approach with examples and with evidence blended with eminence as a framework for understanding which treatment is best for which patient. This is a link to vumedi so you’ll need to select it and if you are not a member you will need to enroll (at no cost).

"The Borderline Between RC Reconstruction and RTSA" by Dr. Christian Gerber, University of Zurich, Zürich, Switzerland. Presented by the Balgrist University Hospital.

Click here to view: The Borderline Between RC Reconstruction and RTSA

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