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[J.P. Warner] "L’episcopo or Latissimus Dorsi (Double Incision) Transfer?" on VuMedi

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

Enclosed is a video on our experience with Latissimus dorsi transfer for cases with complete absence of the posterior cuff and undergoing Reverse prosthesis. Both Gerber and Boileau have published on their method and my presentation highlights each. Not surprisingly, both obtain excellent outcomes with their chosen technique. Our paper on this experience is enclosed and this accounts for about 14% of all the reverse prosthesis I do. It is essential to recognize this entity as failure to do so is correlated to an inferior outcome with reverse prosthesis due to an ongoing external rotation lag sign that eliminates useful external rotation required for good function. Some authors have published on the concept that lateralization of the joint will improve ER by enhanced function of remaining posterior cuff and deltoid. I have not found this to be the case.

Kind Regards,

JP Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

"L’episcopo or Latissimus Dorsi (Double Incision) Transfer?" by Dr. J.P. Warner, Boston Shoulder Institute, Boston, MA.

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