Orthopedic Surgery Post COVID-19: an Opportunity for Innovation and Transformation

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

Enclosed is an article which is an Op Ed from The Codman Shoulder Society. While you all may have not participated in it I felt comfortable saying it reflected this group’s perception since our Mission is to deliver Evidence-Base Care and to Innovate to create better care for our patients. This article was the basis for the Video I posted to our site and on to vumedi ( https://www.codmansociety.org/videos ) and it will also figure into the Webinar in which I will participate next Friday ( https://www.codmansociety.org/single-post/2020/04/15/Managing-Through-COVID-19-for-Healthcare-Leaders ). As always, I welcome your input and guidance and hope we all come out of this as better caregivers and people.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner

Founder CSS

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Re: Webinar

Dear CSS Colleagues: I previously sent you this message, and I include your comments and discussion on this article: If you fancy yourself an entrepreneur or innovator, you should read the article by

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