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An Opportunity from Avant-Garde Health

Dear Colleagues and CSS Members:

Enclosed is a message from Derek Haas who some of you may already know from our annual meeting. Derek is the CEO and Founder of Avant-Garde Health ( ). By now most of us are aware of the socioeconomic changes ahead in healthcare. In this context Data-analysis is essential and gives us leverage to participate in a meaningful way in order to define the value we offer. Derek has asked me to share this offer with you to be part of the Value analysis. I will be reaching out to some of you but welcome those interested to contact me directly. ( or via Whatsapp group):

“Would Members of the CSS be interested in being part of a group of people working on cross-institutional shoulder research related to value-based care? The idea at the outset would be to write some articles utilizing national Medicare Part A and Part B claims data that Derek Haas and his colleagues at Avant-garde Health have access to, and would be able to do the analysis for. As we advance further, the goal would be to incorporate internal data that would come from each of our institutions to look at the true care delivery costs (measured using Time-Driven Activity-Based costing) and outcomes. This second phase would involve working more closely with Derek like we are at MGH so that we can ensure the data is standardized across institutions.”

These are some examples of the types of questions that we are considering looking at:

  • What are the relative influence of surgeon, hospital, and patient factors on readmission rates and post-acute care (bundled payment) claims costs for shoulder replacements?

  • What impact did COVID-19 have on shoulder replacement volume, LOS, readmission rates, and discharge home rates?

  • How much variation is there across the country in the number of physical therapy visits following RCRs, and what drives that variation?

  • Is there a relationship between patient reported outcomes and TDABC costs across surgeons by procedure?

  • How much do TDABC costs vary across surgeons and hospitals/surgery centers by procedure?

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner MD

Founder, CSS


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