Assessing the Value to the Patient of New Technologies in Anatomical Shoulder Arthroplasty

Dear CSS Colleagues:

I present to you an article that should be of great interest. It is entitled “Assessing the Value to the Patient of New Technologies in Anatomical Shoulder Arthroplasty.” In this article Dr. Matsen and colleagues have concluded there is little evidence that innovations in component design over the past 20 years have made any improvement in patient outcomes, and thus value. In fact, the incremental cost of these innovations may present a reduced value to many stakeholders in shoulder arthroplasty. I would be surprised if you didn’t have an opinion on this. I welcome input and would expect some meaningful discussion. I am withholding my comments so as not to prime or bias any of yours. Let our group know what you think about this conclusion.

Kind Regards,

JP Warner MD

Founder, CSS

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