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Re: “Why is it so hard for academic medical centers to succeed in value-based care?”

VBHC Academic Hospitals
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Dear Colleagues:

Enclosed is an article which highlights the ongoing dilemma for Academic Medical Centers (AMCs) in an era of the value-based healthcare transformation. Most of you have already felt the pressure on the Fee-For-Service model to which many of us are accustomed. AMCs are particularly threatened given their complex mission of providing high quality patient care alongside education and commitment to research. Some might argue that AMCs, in their historical structure, are archaic and in need of change. One thing is for sure - many of these institutions have greatly increased the SG & A of their income statements as they have grown through mergers and acquisitions, while simultaneously attempting to cost cut at the level of care providers and lower-level administration. However, this is unlikely to be a sustainable strategy. What do you think?

I hope you find this article of interest and that it helps you reframe your own strategy for your practice.

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner MD

Founder, The CSS


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