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“The Digital Episode of Care in Orthopedics (Shoulder) Care: A New Paradigm”

Dear Colleagues:


I am pleased to share with you a recent presentation given at the Annual San Diego Shoulder Institute. This outlines the evolving role of Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality, Virtual Planning, Immersive Virtual Reality education, Navigation, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Orthopedic surgery, and in particular shoulder arthroplasty. To be sure, the area of shoulder arthroplasty is well behind other specialties in orthopedics.


Moreover, I am sharing the perspective of industry as well as surgeons in the United States and Europe in terms of their current view of this technology and vision for opportunities to create value for patients, surgeons, industry and hospitals.


I hope you find this of interest, but bear in mind that this area is rapidly evolving and in the case of AI/ML the speed of development is at least 2x Moore’s law.


Kind Regards,


Jon “J.P.” Warner MD

Founder, CSS


Links to video:


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