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TSA: A Value Proposition for VR & MR

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

Enclosed is a video (see link below) which considers both the strategy and execution of shoulder arthroplasty. By now most of you are familiar with VR (Virtual Planning) and PSI (Patient Specific Instrumentation) guides. You may also be familiar with the application of Navigation and robotics in shoulder arthroplasty. But have you considered the application of MR (Mixed Reality) to shoulder arthroplasty. Enclosed is a short video of this new approach and the value proposition for such technology. This is likely the beginning of an entirely different approach to shoulder surgery. I believe it will be a game changer, but of course I have a conflict of interest. You be the judge…

The link below brings you to VuMedi ( which is a video network for healthcare. It does require a sign in and it is a free site. If you are an MD, simply register according to the instructions. If you are not an MD select your role as "Allied" in the registration process. You can select any specialty of interest as you register, but of course, the video is focused on Orthopedics.

Please feel free to comment directly in the dialogue box on VuMedi or post comments to our WhatsApp Group (

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner MD

Founder, CSS


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