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What is Innovation and How Can I Do It?

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What is Innovation? Is it declining or growing?

Dear Colleagues,

Part I of the 8th Annual Codman Shoulder Society Meeting ( ) will consider Innovation & Entrepreneurship. I will soon post the details of the program. So that you can understand some of what we think we know and, most importantly, what we don’t know, I am enclosing Open AI’s (ChatGPT) on concepts of Innovation:

I am also attaching an article which suggests we may be doing more derivative forms of innovation, rather than ones which significantly change paradigms that might lead to more successful treatments.

The experts who I have invited to the 8th Codman Shoulder Society Meeting will demonstrate, by their own examples, what they believe about Innovation and how you may be able to also become great innovators.

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

I hope to see you at the 8th Annual Codman Shoulder Society Meeting.

Instructions for RSVPing for the meeting: Please email Dr. JP Warner (, Argen Omurzakov (, and Michael Navarro ( with the information below if you plan to attend our annual meeting:


Company or organization:

Your position in the company or organization

I definitely plan to attend:

I may attend:


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