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Blueprint Virtual Planning for Shoulder Arthroplasty

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

Enclosed is a link to a series of video presentations regarding Blueprint Virtual Planning for Shoulder Arthroplasty. Codman said “Show me something different for there is a chance of it being better.” He would probably approve of these developments. To be sure, this is proprietary and I have a conflict of interest with this technology. That said, VR, AR, and ML will revolutionize what we all do in the coming decade so consideration of these new technologies is necessary if we are to look for new ways to give our patients value. Many other versions of this are available from other companies and I welcome any of you to send me links to post for the group. My intention is to be balanced in consideration of these new technologies by exposing you to each company’s ideas. In the end “A mind which understand the principles will design its own methods” (to quote my good friend Christian Gerber).


Jon JP Warner, MD

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