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Managing Organizations

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

I am constantly thinking about the context of current problems and future solutions, especially in the context of the culture of Healthcare organization in which we all work. We all of us might consider opportunities we may have to improve the culture of the organizations in which we work. One way is to advocate for our own opportunities to be involved in the success of our organization. By this I mean that structural change that might benefit an organization by allowing it to take advantage more fully of the creative talent of its people. Do you feel like you are an island in your organization? Much of your risk of burnout is the feeling that you are regulated tightly and only hear negatives from oversight of faceless committees who govern what you do an how you do it: Quality and Safety Committee, Patient advocacy, OR Operations, etc. In the case of those of you who work for med-tech companies this might be budgeting and marketing oversight committees. Perhaps there is a way to somehow become part of the solution. The enclosed article from HBR shows how some companies allow for freedom for creativity and empower their employees to be creative to the benefit of the organization. I hope this is helpful.


Jon JP Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

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