What Makes a Leader?

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

Enclosed is an article I think may be of interest to anyone who wonders what it takes to get ahead in the business world. Put another way, “Don’t make the mistakes I did.”

Most of us work our way to the top competing at every level in a world where we may believe winner takes all. However, the adage that “Real men (or women) don’t quiche” is actually not accurate. They do…and then they run an ultramarathon, climb a mountain or wrestle with a grizzly. The point is brute force of intellect or physical prowess doesn’t advance you as far as you can go. Learning early on the value of Emotional Intelligence (EI) in addition to intellectual skills is critical to advance your career.

Enclosed is an article by Daniel Goldman entitled “What Makes a Great Leader.” If you chose to read it you probably already have one of the traits of EI, which is self-awareness. If not, well then you may not be coachable anyway.

I hope this is useful


“JP” Warner, MD

Founder CSS

If you read this you probably have some degree of self realization, one of the traits of EQ. If not, well, then you may not be coachable.

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