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[Jon J.P. Warner] "Learning Curve for rTSR, SCR, Tendon Transfers" on VuMedi

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

As we strive to create value for our patients we may forget that our journey to become excellent entails some degree of learning. This learning curve may affect the actual value you deliver during your career. Keep this in mind as you adopt new methods of treatment and remember that the only way to mitigate this affect is through measurement and critical introspection to improve your judgement and skills. That said, don’t forget the best way to shorten your learning curve is to seek out great teachers whose experience and teaching will reduce the learning curve affect. Enclosed is a link to a video on vumedi about this concept, in case you missed it.

Best Regards,

JP Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

"Learning Curve for rTSR, SCR, Tendon Transfers" by Dr. Jon J.P. Warner, Boston Shoulder Institute, Boston, MA. Presented at San Diego Shoulder Institute 2018.

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