Proposal for an Important Initiative for Codman Shoulder Society

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

I was recently approached by Vumedi to create a 90 minute pre-recorded program on The Business of Orthopedics in the Time of Corona Virus: Challenges and Opportunities. I told them I would do this on the condition it was branded as from the Codman Shoulder Society. To this end, I am writing to you all to ask for input as to the structure and format of such a program. My thoughts are to have perhaps 6 speakers representative of Industry, Harvard Business School, Private Orthopedic Practice, Academic Orthopedic Practice, and Hospital Administration. I would like to cover a range of topics related to Fiscal survival tactics now and then post-Covid-19. This will include unique challenges to each sector. For example, private orthopedic surgeons may have very different challenges than academic. Moreover, issues of pricing premium for implants, high capital expense purchases, supply chain challenges and RFP negotiations will affect all of us. Please write to me with any suggestions you may have inclusive of recommendation for participants. This can include members of CSS and also those outside of our space.

I am especially interested for our Industry participants to step up and offer input. Now is the time to engage as a group and to plan for how we can maintain value of what we all do for patients and also manage our own value, which of course is essential to our families.

Please write to me either in a private Whatsapp or group Whatsapp communication or email me directly at .

Once I have your input, step 2 will be to curate questions from all of you which you would like me to put to our group of experts and representatives of each space I’ve listed above.

Thanks for your consideration of this important initiative. This program will ultimately be posted to vumedi, but I will link it to CSS Website and then out to LINKEDIN and other social media. I expect it will be viewed by many and lead others to consider such initiatives in spaces such as Pharma, Cardiology, etc.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

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