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Novel 3-D Printed Mask Method from UConn

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

I would like to share with you an important innovation from one of our members and his team of engineers and surgeons. Please see his description below. Please share this as you see fit as we all want to help one another and “Gus” Mazzocca and his team from University of Connecticut have, as usual, innovated something that may help many.

Kind Regards and may all of you and your families stay safe,

JP Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

From Augustus Mazzocca, Univ. of Connecticut:

Dear JP,

This is a combination of a lot of ideas from many great people. The idea is if you are out of all approved N95 masks and need to take care of people this may be an alternative. This is NOT FDA approved or University of Connecticut approved but something that can be helpful. It has passed multiple “fit tests” by our residents and fellows using our N95 testing team. The material is rated at 0.3 micron which is what the N95 mask is.

  1. The material is Halyard H600 from the OR. It is rated as 0.3 micron and the University of Florida came up with this. They have a link and website

Dr Nelson Algarra-Good morning, we have our designs and patterns on line. We are adding another design (cone) as soon as we tested

  1. Exoskeleton basic design by Dr Chris Wiles who is a UCONN anesthesiology resident (copied on the email) and a master designer. He has inspired all of us here in Connecticut to work together. UCONN Orthopaedic residents, fellows and the UCONN Musculoskeletal Institute Biomechanics team have been trialing, printing and testing prototypes and working to help Chris improve the design. Here is the YouTube instruction video and plans. The straps are made out on IV tourniquet material and these are cut in half or thirds. Tie knots in the ends and adjust to head and neck size. Can carry extra PLA exoskeletons and sheets in your pocket

  2. Youtube description:

  3. Files:

Let us know if we can do anything else to help anybody. This is all open source so you can start 3D printing this morning. Happy Palm Sunday!!!! My cell phone is 860-202-2629 with any questions


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