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"Accounting for Surgeons" Webinar Recording

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

Please find enclosed the Link to the recording for our recent webinar. If you missed this, you may find this informative. It is organized in sections with consideration of the following:

  1. Understanding Financial Statements

  2. Understanding Profit vs Cashflow

  3. Understanding Ratios

  4. Understanding Budgeting

  5. Understanding TDABC (Time Determined Activity Based Costing) applications to healthcare.

The link below brings you to VuMedi ( which is a video network for healthcare. It does require a sign in and it is a free site. The size of the video precludes me sending a direct link. If you are an MD, simply register according to the instructions. If you are not an MD select your role as "Allied" in the registration process. You can select any specialty of interest as you register, but of course, the video is focused on Orthopedics. Please contact myself ( or my research assistant, Jillian ( with any questions.

Here is the Link:

Kind Regards,

JP Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

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