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Post-Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities in Orthopedics-Part 2a and 2b

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

I wanted to make you aware that we have completed and posted our pre-recorded webinar on “Post-Pandemic Challenges and Opportunities in Orthopedics- Part 2a and 2b”. You may remember, I invited all of you to offer questions for our panel on topics related to aspects of the “new normal” for Orthopedic care. This Webinar addresses these questions.

The webinar is organized into two parts. Part 2a is split into 7 separate videos so as to allow for easy viewing in segments, as the overall program is probably too extensive for a single viewing.

Here are the individual talks:

-The Road Ahead

-Orthopedic Group Practice Opportunity vs. Reality

-How Surgeons, Hospitals, and Surgery Centers Can Address the Economic Challenges Created by COVID-19

-Healthcare Systems Innovation Sprint: COVID-19 Altered Narrow Window of Opportunity

-How Device Manufacturers Can Enhance the Post-Pandemic Orthopedic Recovery

-Pattern Recognition: Post-Pandemic Risk Management Impacts on Orthopedics M&A

-Practice Issues, Orthopedic Industry vs/with Hospital Systems, Innovations

Part 2b is a Q & A round table discussion with questions from CSS posed to webinar panelists in the areas of:

  1. Practice Issues

  2. Orthopedic Industry vs/with Hospital Systems

  3. Innovation Opportunities and Challenges

  4. Education in Orthopedics

The link to the VuMedi Codman Shoulder Society Channel with our videos is

To navigate between Parts 2a and 2b, click the dropdown menu labeled “Post-Pandemic Orthopedic Care: Challenges and Opportunities.” From there, you can select either part 2a or 2b, and you will be taken to those videos.

In order to view this content, you must have a Vumedi account. To make an account, go to If you are not a clinician, be sure to select your role as “Allied” and select whichever specialty applies most to you.

I hope you find this useful. Please, if you would, comment in the available dialog boxes on if you want to ask questions or make points and I will reply and invite panelists to do so as well. I will also share this with our WhatsApp group.

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner, MD

Founder, The CSS

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