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20th Anniversary Meeting of the New England Shoulder & Elbow Society

Dear Colleagues,

The New England Shoulder and Elbow Society ( had its 20th Anniversary meeting this past weekend. Gus Mazzocca has run this meeting over all these years, and our idea was developed during the Advanced Val d’Isere Arthroscopy course in France about 21 years ago. Below is a picture of the representation of our MGH Shoulder Team at the meeting. This includes PA’s, current and former Shoulder and Sports fellows, Sports Service Attendings, and RA’s. We had about 120 people at the meeting despite the -50 below zero temperatures (with windchill) that resulted in the closure of the mountain. We had a great meeting with speakers from a variety of academic centers in Europe, Mayo Clinic, and NYC, and debates as well. We even had a strategy professor from the Tuck (Dartmouth) Business School present on a startup company founded by our John Macy. Thanks to all of our corporate partners who braved the freezing temperatures in order to support our meeting.

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner MD

Founder, The CSS

Founder, The New England Shoulder and Elbow Society

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