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Corporate Culture, Worker Well-being, and Business Success

Dear Colleagues:

Take a moment to read the enclosed perspective and articles. These are about the Culture in our institutional and work environments. As usual, the Healthcare Business Sector has been slow to adopt the lessons learned in the for-profit corporate world. The clear message is that a great culture influences financial success for business.

Why can’t Healthcare Systems create enduring and impactful EI initiatives and a Culture of well-being and collaboration?

In my institutional role as Vice Chair for Quality & Safety for Orthopedics at my institution, I am struck by the reality that the number one safety report we see has to do with personnel interactions. These reports relate to communication and care coordination and, unfortunately and not infrequently, Professionalism issues. While a portion of this is due to the complex and pressured environment in which healthcare workers must function, I wonder if we could take a lesson from the For-Profit Corporate world. While we have begun to consider the well-being of our employees, the world of AMC's has been a slow adopter of this concept. So, I’ve listed several links below which give insight into how companies with a corporate culture focused on worker well-being result in improved productivity and success.

Along these lines, here are the top 25 greatest companies for corporate culture as voted by employees of many for-profit companies. You may notice that the business of these companies includes automotive and transportation, technology, consumer goods, Biotech & Pharmaceuticals, Business and Consumer Services, Customer Services, Consulting, Beauty, Banking & Financial Services, Information Analytics…but no healthcare companies…..Certainly no Hospital Systems.

Perhaps you have heard the expression attributed to Peter Drucker, the legendary management consultant, “Culture eats strategy for breakfast.” I wonder how many of you feel the culture of your work environment could be improved by the message of these posts and articles I have shared with you?

Please see the enclosed PDF of the article.

I hope this is useful to you in your work environment and perhaps it may help you move the needle to positively influence the culture of your institution.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner MD

Founder, CSS

Employers That Made Comparably's List of Best Global Company Culture
Download PDF • 3.12MB


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