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Failed Shoulder Innovations

Dear CSS Colleagues:

You may remember that we asked you to list the innovations you felt were the most impactful to shoulder care over the past 50-100 years. We published this in an Op Ed. in Rockwood & Matsen, 6th Edition, “The Shoulder.” Here is the list we came up with in order of priority of importance based on what you all voted:

I would now like to ask you to offer a different kind of input. We don’t usually talk about the failed innovations or even the ones that may have done harm to our patients. Examples outside of shoulder might include metal-on-metal joint replacement. I’d like you to offer to me your opinion on which would-be innovations you have seen that either did not work or perhaps resulted in a step backward and potentially harm. This can include technological failures, failures of treatment, and any other patient-directed innovation. I will be happy to share this with you once I have a critical number of replies. Please reply in WhatsApp or in an email, which you can share with everyone or simply send to me (

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner MD

Founder, CSS


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