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How much money do you really need?

Dear CSS Colleagues:

How much money do you really need? Perhaps you’ve heard of Hygiene factors. Please see below some simple definitions I found on the internet.

What is hygiene factor in Herzberg's theory?

Frederick Herzberg theorized that employee satisfaction has two dimensions: “hygiene” and motivation. Hygiene issues, such as salary and supervision, decrease employees' dissatisfaction with the work environment. Motivators, such as recognition and achievement, make workers more productive, creative and committed.

Is money a hygiene factor?

Money or an employee's salary is a hygiene factor. It is a biological need because you need money for food, water and shelter. ... It will give a short run of motivation because we need it to survive, but only the intrinsic or motivation factors can determine job satisfaction or no satisfaction.

Enclosed is a short article from HBS entitled “More Proof that Money can Buy Happiness”.

I’ve always thought that the purpose of money is to give you freedom to innovate, explore and take risks. Of course, we all have a fiduciary responsibility to our families. The enclosed article may be of interest as it gives some perspective to the question of money. I hope this is helpful so that you can consider this in context of a balanced life.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner MD

Founder, CSS

More Proof That Money Can Buy Happiness (or a Life with Less Stress) - HBS Working Knowled
Download • 5.33MB

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