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Is your Future Behind You?...Maybe not!

Dear CSS Colleagues:

Enclosed is a thoughtful short article from HBS on the reality of aging and its effect on your physiology and potential to be productive, creative, and innovative. To quote the author, “…In almost every high-skill profession, decline sets in between a person’s late 30s and early 50s as the brain’s prefrontal cortex degrades in effectiveness.” I bet most of you thought your peak was later than that!

I’ve come to think that my “sweet spot” in life is now, as some of my colleagues and students believed that my experience gives me wisdom from which they might benefit. It turns out I was right. As the author points out, “Certain aptitudes grow during middle age that favor wisdom, teaching, and sharing ideas.”

I hope some of you may find the concept of a “second curve” in life, inspiring. I can certainly say that the ROI for the second half of my life has been multiples of the first half.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner MD

Founder, The CSS

When Working Harder Doesn’t Work, Time to Reinvent Your Career - HBS Working Knowledge
Download PDF • 5.98MB


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