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Meyer Award

Dear CSS Colleagues:

Enclosed is an important message from Christian Gerber. He has helped create an award (The Meyer Award) that can only be equated to the “Nobel” for Orthopedics. This award honors Dominik Meyer. Dominik embodied the intellectual entrepreneurism which Codman espoused more than 100 years ago by EA Codman when he said “Give me something different, for there is a chance of it being better.”

Please consider if you know of any individuals or teams that might be worthy of such an honor and bring this to their attention.

Best Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner, MD

Founder, CSS


From Christian Gerber:

Dear All:

Today December 15, 2020, is the first day of death of Dominik Meyer and today the Meyer Award (please visit has been launched.

I have added the electronic form of a brochure which was sent out to persons in my environment and I truly hope that the price money for the first award can be raised to 100’000 $ to represent the value of the discovery or invention made by the award winner in the view of the orthopaedic community

The award could only be created thanks to the unexpected and most gracious support of the persons representing AAOS, AOA, EFORT, JOA and Swiss Orthopaedics. I would like to thank them all , I thank the members of the Jury who have committed themselves to find the person who has contributed the most to musculoskeletal well-being and improving patient care.

I thank all the Societies and individuals for making the Award known and get people interested in applying and even more so, to orient their research in a direction which will truly impact musculoskeletal medicine

I THANK YOU all VERY MUCH, and wish you a happy Holiday Season

Respectfully yours

Christian Gerber, MD,FRCS

Download PDF • 1.31MB


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