Revision of a Failed stemless implant to reverse: “The Simpliciti of Perform”

Dear CSS Colleagues:

Unfortunately, revision shoulder arthroplasty is a reality for all of us who do primary shoulder arthroplasty. Historically, we talked about the advantage of convertible stems to facilitate revision to a reverse replacement. In this video I illustrate how easy it is to convert a failed stemless TSA. I believe that when we do a primary TSA with a stemless implant, we create a value add-on if revision is ever necessary. The reason for this is ease of revision and reduced time of surgery and blood loss.

Here is the link to my case on VuMedi:

Revision of a Stemless Implant: The "Simpliciti" of "Perform" | VuMedi

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner MD

Founder, The CSS

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