"Elite": Life Lessons of Resiliency, Leadership and Mentorship

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

I wanted to share with you some wisdom I learned from one of my HBS Classmates. Nick Hays is a former Navy Seal who wrote a great book about life lessons of resiliency, leadership and mentorship entitled “Elite” (see below). This is a quick and great read for anyone who wants both inspiration and example on managing yourself and others.

(You can order this on Amazon)

In addition at the Annual HBS PLD Summit Alumni event he spoke about the impact of mentorship in changing our trajectory of success in life. Please see the image below. In all we achieve our path to success is much faster and much more assured if we can find a mentor to guide us. Put another way, the cost of our success is reduced with the guidance of a mentor.

Kind Regards,

JP Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

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