How the Coronavirus is Rewriting the Future of Business

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

Every crisis offers and opportunity, or to quote one of my favorite characters in “Game of Thrones”, Little Finger, “Chaos isn’t a pit. It’s a ladder.” Enclosed in this communication is a link to a short commentary from brilliant professors at HBS who consider the opportunity for improvement in business by changing with this crisis. Going forward, I think their insights are particularly relevant to how we adapt our approach to the business of healthcare. Whether we consider Supply chain problems, leadership approaches, remote work with interconnected teams, or Virtual care, health care will change! We have an unprecedented opportunity to use the “Corona Virus event of 2020” to create enduring value going forward. This includes the culture in which we wish to work, the teams we create, the regulatory barriers we change, and our application of technologies already working in other business sectors such as virtual care and education.

I welcome your input. I hope to share more in this area going forward and in the future we will reinvite you to SLACK discussions (most have not availed themselves of this opportunity) and likely create a WHATSAPP group as well.

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

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