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Mayo Tendon Transfer Meeting 2017

Dear C.S.S. Members:

Enclosed is a sample of some of the lectures at the recent Mayo Tendon Transfer course: Part I & Part II

Congratulations to Joaquin & Bassem for elevating the art and science of shoulder surgery for the benefit of our patients. Thank you to all the innovative and courageous surgeons who selflessly gave of their time to come to Mayo and teach their colleagues. Finally, thank you to Mayo Clinic for supporting a state-of-the art course with a fantastic laboratory as the final icing on the educational cake that Joquin and Bassem baked for us. I strongly recommend that you consider the next course they will certainly do. It will greatly benefit your patients.

Kind Regards,

Jon J.P. Warner, MD

Chief, MGH Shoulder Service

Boston Shoulder Institute

Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society

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