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Avant Garde Health Value Summit

An opportunity to inform yourself on Value and contemporize your approach to shoulder care…

Dear Colleagues:

I recently attended a meeting, which is an outgrowth of The Value-Based Care Initiative championed at HBS by Prof. Michael Porter and Prof. Robert Kaplan. I am happy and excited to introduce you to this group and share with you some of my notes from the meeting. The agenda and content of the meeting is included: click link here for access to the program report. For those of you with a business background, this will resonate as a great company in the making. And for those of you with an interest in value-based care, be advised, this is your future. So, all should be informed. 

Here is a link to the video for the outcomes session from the summit that Larry and I did if you are interested:

Best Regards,

Jon JP Warner, MD

Chief, MGH Shoulder Service

Boston Shoulder Institute

Founder, The Codman Shoulder Society

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