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Most Cited Shoulder Articles

Dear CSS Colleagues:

Enclosed is a very nice study entitled “Trends in the most cited articles in shoulder surgery, 1900-2019” from authors at Johns Hopkins. There are many pearls offered here but several, in particular, that deserve mention.

First, Rotator cuff disease continues to be the most popular topic. This is evidence for the economic and clinical burden of this disease and perhaps our inability to manage the full extent of the condition.

Second, there was not only a preponderance of European influence in the most cited articles, but a remarkable impact of three people: Gilles Walch, Pascal Boileau, and Christian Gerber. From a personal point of view this gives me great pleasure and pride as I’ve had the privilege to work with all three of these men and believe they are the best of their generation.

I hope you find this of interest and perhaps it will inspire the next generation of shoulder surgeon innovators.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner, MD

Founder, The CSS

Trends in the Most Cited Articles in Sho
Download • 443KB


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