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A Framework for Innovation in Healthcare: An Interview with Professor Regina Herzlinger, the first w

Dear CSS Members and Colleagues:

Enclosed is a recent posting on LINKEDIN on a former HBS Professor of mine. This is worth a read for anyone who wants to understand healthcare innovation for value and the potential for future developments which indeed create value. In 2015 I participated in the “Big Innovations in Global Healthcare” Executive Program at Harvard Business School.

Prof. Herzlinger’s teaching had a major effect on the way I approach research and it refocused my interest on value creation in all research I undertake. This built on my past education with Prof. Michael Porter at HBS and led me to further develop the Codman Shoulder Society into a “Group” of individuals interested in value creation. We do this through discussion, debate, and collaboration in research projects focused on value creation in healthcare. We generally look for questions that address our expertise, namely shoulder care. That said, I always consider this in the context of the broader picture of musculoskeletal care as this drives a huge part of the GDP for healthcare spending in the USA.

For those interested in more of Prof. Herzlinger’s work, I strongly recommend her past books, and my favorite is “Who Killed Healthcare”.

Finally, if you are interested in Prof. Herzlinger’s principles of Healthcare Innovation I am also enclosing this document.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

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