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Machine Learning and Prediction of Outcome After Shoulder Arthroplasty

Dear CSS Colleagues:

Enclosed is a nice article that makes the case for Machine Learning as a method to predict patient outcomes. None of this is surprising as Machine learning and AI affect everyday life already. This can be Google, Amazon or Apple learning your behavior and anticipating your needs.

I’ve believed all along that the potential Delta of the improvement in Pain and Function predicts an outcome after shoulder arthroplasty. In other words, the worse someone is the more likely they will be happy with the outcome. Clearly other factors are also very important.

We (colleagues and I) are working on AI-algorithms to help surgeons make best decisions on implant selection and positioning in shoulder arthroplasty. No doubt many other AI and ML approaches will follow.

The key here is creation of value by predicting the best approach to care and avoiding errors in strategy and execution.

Kind Regards,

“JP” Warner, MD

Founder, CSS

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