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“The Bright Side and Dark Side of Innovation: The Story of Orthopedics (Shoulder Rx)”

Dear Colleagues:

I present to you a presentation I recently gave at the 5th Athens Shoulder Course. This lecture represents not only my ideas (and the insights of my good friend, Christian Gerber), but also the input of our Codman Shoulder Society Members on Innovations gone wrong.

Innovation, real innovation, is a difficult process, and it requires courage and discipline to do it well. I provide many examples of individuals who have succeeded in changing the paradigm for treatment of shoulder problems and the tools we now use for our patients. However, there are also examples of those attempted innovations which have not only failed to deliver value but have resulted in harm to patients.

The purpose of this presentation is to make us all aware of the opportunities we have to improve our patients' care by solving real problems, and to consider the framework to do so, while we remain true to our mission of placing the patient's interests first. Moreover, we need to innovate in order to create real value, not just expensive technology which does not improve on outcomes or cost savings.

I hope you find this presentation of interest.

Kind Regards,

Jon “JP” Warner MD

Founder, The CSS

The Bright Side and Dark Side of Innovation The Bright Side and Dark Side of Innovation

(You may need to register to gain access to VuMedi - it is free. Please let us know if you have any problems accessing the video.)


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