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On Reading This Summer for CSS

Dear Colleagues:

I’ve been asked by some of you to post on some of the books I’ve read, am reading, and those that are on my list to yet be read.

If you Google “What happens to your brain when you read”, one site sums up the 10 benefits:

1. Gain valuable knowledge

2. Exercise your brain

3. Improve your focus

4. Improve your memory

5. Enjoy entertainment

6. Improve your ability to empathize

7. Improve your communication skills

8. Reduce stress

9. Improve your mental health

10. Live longer

I can’t attest to the last one of these; however, Codman said “Show me something different for there is a chance of it being better.” While you can take online or onsite courses, there is no better way to build a better you than by reading (or books on tape). While I tend to read in order to feed my desire to become a better innovator, I also do so to improve my breadth and depth of knowledge so that at least 9 of the above goals can be satisfied.

The above books (pictured) are just some of those I have discovered. I welcome your input as well. I’ll soon be posting on those I believe may be of value for you and as we now have ChatGPT, I have a partner to help me succinctly summarize 😊

Best Regards,

“JP” Warner MD

Founder, CSS

Here are a few books and articles I’ve already posted on the CSS Website:


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